Jesus is alive

It can be sad to think about how Jesus had to die because we’ve disobeyed God, but we shouldn’t stay sad because Jesus didn’t stay dead.  He’s alive!  When we celebrate on Easter, we’re celebrating that Jesus came back to life by the power of God and later He went back into heaven.

After He came back to life, Jesus went to visit all of His friends, the disciples, to show them that He was alive. Some of them believed Him right away, but others wanted to see proof that He was really Jesus. He showed them on His hands where the nails had gone through to hold Him onto the cross.  He even ate with them to show that He was real.  Before Jesus went back up to heaven, He had a message for His disciples and for me and you.

He said that He would always be with us, even though He left to go back to heaven.  Do you  know how it is that Jesus is always with us?  Read John 16:7 to see how Jesus promised a Helper, the Holy Spirit, to all who trust in Him.  While Jesus sits in heaven with God, allowing us to be able to pray (Ephesians 2:18), the Holy Spirit is in us, helping us to pray, to obey God, to understand the Bible, and even helping us to worship God.

Jesus is very much alive! Read John 21:1-14 to see some things Jesus did after He was raised from the dead.

Keep studying and memorizing Acts 4:12: “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”