God knows everything

You’ve probably heard the story of Adam and Eve (If you haven’t, read Genesis 2-3 in your Bible).  God created Adam and allowed him to rule over all of the animals of the earth and name them.  It wasn’t good enough, though, for Adam to be alone.  God wanted Adam to have a friend, so He created the woman, Eve.

God let Adam and Eve do pretty much whatever they wanted to do in the garden where they lived, but He did give them one rule.  He told them they could eat from any tree except for one.  Do you remember what happened next?  Yep.  They ate from that one tree.  The one they weren’t supposed to eat from.  And then what did they do?  They hid from God.

Have you ever done something like this?  Did you ever do something you knew was wrong and then hide from your parents?  They may or may not have known what you did, but God definitely knew, just like He knew what Adam and Eve had done.  They couldn’t hid from God because He knows everything!

Some people think this is a bad thing because God knows all of the wrong things that you do, but actually it’s a good thing because God knows you better than anyone and He loves you anyway.  He loves you a ton.  We’ll talk more about that tomorrow though.

Even if you’ve read about Adam and Eve before, look at Genesis 2-3 and think about how God already knew what Adam and Eve were doing before they admitted it.

Let’s keep working on memorizing Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Find someone to practice with!