Friends with God

Adam and Eve had a relationship with God that no one has had since their time.  We’ll talk to tomorrow about why that is.  Back in the Garden of Eden, God would come down to visit with the people He first created (Genesis 3:8) and talk to them as His friends .

Can you imagine that?  What if God came to your house and just talked to you about stuff in your life?  What would you want to talk to Him about?  What do you think Adam and Eve talked to Him about?  Why do you think He visited with them?  He wasn’t doing that with the animals!

The Lord spent time with Adam and Eve because He loved them and cared about them.  Humans were the most special of all His creation and He wanted to speak to them, teach them, and help them.  He wants to speak to you too.  Do you know how He does that now?  He tells us what we need to know in the Bible!

So, things were perfect in the garden and Adam and Eve had a friendship with God unlike anything else.  They had everything they could ever need.  But something terrible happened that hurt their friendship with God and ruined what they had going…

 Keep memorizing Genesis 3:20 “The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.”